Meet Our People



Nancy has been in the construction industry for 22 years. She started her career as a small business owner doing residential and small commercial projects.  She then turned the direction of the company towards open-store commercial remodeling projects. The company started doing Wal-Mart construction packages, special projects and Sam’s Clubs in 1995. The company has continued to grow and has been completing large-scale remodel projects since 2002. Nancy currently is an Owner and Member for Singleton Construction, LLC

DENISE DOCZY-DELONG, Owner and Managing Director

Denise has been managing Singleton Construction since 2006. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Material and Logistics Management and a Master of Business Administration; as a graduate of Michigan State University and Ohio University. Prior to joining the company, she held positions of management in all aspects of Human Resources, Sales, Customer Service, Material Planning, Scheduling, Project Management, Purchasing and Quality Control in large and small-scale manufacturing environments.

JIM AIELLO, Director of Operations

Jim was promoted to Director of Operations after having served with Singleton as Project Manager for six years. Jim holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. With twenty plus years of experience in the construction industry he has managed or supervised a diverse group of projects ranging from 1,000 SF to over 500,000 SF; including Industrial Manufacturing, Commercial Office, Retail and Restaurant tenant spaces located throughout the United States.

JENNIFER DANQUIST KILGORE, Director of Business Development and Marketing

Jennifer has seventeen years of experience in business development, marketing, and public relations. Since starting in the construction industry in 2005, she has developed numerous relationships while gaining a keen understanding of the clients’ needs and goals; including a passion for problem-solving and breaking down barriers to help Singleton successfully build long-term relationships with customers. She’s dedicated to client satisfaction while developing and maintaining clear and open communication; as well as paying close attention to detail to successfully reach the common goal.

CURT STONE, Manager of Estimating and Senior Project Manager

Curt has been in the construction industry for over twenty years, with extensive open-store remodeling experience. He got his start in the industry as a carpenter/electrician apprentice with a small residential/commercial building and remodeling company in 1986. Curt has since then held the positions of a traveling carpenter, carpenter foreman, superintendent and small business owner.


LORIE EAKIN, Project Manager

Lorie started out as Singleton’s office manager overseeing Accounting, Human Resources and project coordinating. She was promoted to Project Manager and currently runs out Dollar General remodel and maintenance programs, as well as our Walgreens ceiling tile program; and most recently was asked to oversee our multi-site division.