Meet Our People

Denise Doczy-Delong
Denise Doczy-Delong Owner & President

Denise is the majority owner of Singleton Construction. Denise has twenty-eight years of experience in various disciplines of business with the last twelve being in an ownership/entrepreneurial role. She has a passion for scaling Singleton's business by creating a great place to work for a group of construction professionals that are passionate about our customers and other trading partners. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Material and Logistics Management and a Master of Business Administration; as a graduate of Michigan State University and Ohio University.

Jim Aiello
Jim Aiello Director of Operations

Jim was promoted to Director of Operations after having served with Singleton as Project Manager for six years. Jim holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. With 30 years of experience in the construction industry he has managed or supervised a diverse group of projects ranging from 1,000 SF to over 500,000 SF; including Industrial Manufacturing, Commercial Office, Retail and Restaurant tenant spaces located throughout the United States.

Laura Weaving
Laura Weaving Director of People

Laura is Singleton's People Director, and has an extensive background in organisational culture, recruitment, people and HR strategy. Laura's role is focused around making sure Singleton has access to the best people, in a very competitive and skill short market, and ultimately attracting them into our business, whilst also working across Singleton creating a work environment that supports, nurtures and develops staff in all roles and at all levels of the company.

Sandy Churchill
Sandy Churchill Director of Accounting

Sandy previously worked over 10 years in logistics and customer service. She has 6 years at a manufacturing company wearing multiple hats before coming to Singleton. Sandy has been at Singleton since February 2012 and while she has an Accounting title, she wears many hats. Singleton is the first construction company she has worked for. Sandy loves problem solving and learning new things! She has been married for almost 23 years, and volunteers for a rescue group, as well as serves on the Board as their Treasurer. Sandy love music and attending concerts; AND she loves her Buckeyes!!!

Adam Delong
Adam Delong Leadership Trainee

Adam has been in the construction industry for 6 years. He started filing papers and helping on job sites when he was 17 years old. Once Adam entered his Senior year in high school he went into a program that allowed him to do half days of school and that’s where his career started. Adam has worked in the Accounting department, Business Development department, and also in Operations. He has also taken many classes regarding accounting, human resources, business development, construction management, and leadership development.

Robin Sadowski
Robin Sadowski Safety Director

Robin’s entire career has been involved in some type of trade field. She completed four years in Army right out of high school, then ten years as an electrical specialist, followed by twelve years as production supervisor running a large union manufacturing plant. All these jobs have included safety as a top priority, which brought her to Singleton Construction, one year ago, to oversee and continue to implement our Safety program.