Singleton Construction is unlike any other construction company, we break the traditional mold of our industry – and we believe it is our culture that sets us apart. Great people are at the center of our business and we demonstrate this in the people we hire, the customers we work with, and the way we operate.


Purpose: To live an extraordinary example of care in all we do.

Mission: Improve every experience, every day, for the people we work with.

Vision: A brighter world, one experience at a time.


  1. Value People
    Building positive, long term relationships are the center for everything we do – from our team, to our subcontractors, to our customers. We genuinely care about each and every person we work with and do business with.
  2. Build Trust
    If we promise something, we will go above and beyond to deliver that promise. We believe actions speak louder than words and make sure we always do whatever it takes to meet our commitments.
  3. Deliver Excellence
    We are never satisfied with the status quo – we solicit feedback, are inquisitive and constantly seek to learn and improve. We strive to be the best at what we do and are passionate about continuously improving our people, our processes and our projects.