Brandon Curry Hired as Director of Workforce Development and Community Engagement

May 02, 2022

Singleton Construction has created a new leadership role, Director of Workforce Development + Community Engagement, to lead the firms’ initiatives around community outreach and goals for sustaining and retaining a viable workforce. To lead this growing effort, Singleton has hired Brandon Curry, MPA.

“We are thrilled to have Brandon join our team,” said Denise Doczy-Delong, CEO of Singleton Construction. “Workforce development and community outreach is something that has been a focus for our organization these past few years, particularly because of our Women-Business-Enterprise status, we understand the challenges that the industry is facing, and we know there are ways to continue to create opportunities for those that are eager to work in construction. Singleton has a responsibility to continue to advance what happens with both minority business enterprises and for those with interest of coming into the trades or working directly for a contractor. By creating this new role, and bringing Brandon onto the Singleton team, we hope that this can amplify our efforts and ensure we are reaching the right people who are properly trained and developed so they feel supported and encouraged to continue in the industry, or with Singleton, while delivering their best work for our clients across the country.”

As a Singleton Construction leader, Brandon will be responsible for the development, implementation, and ongoing enhancement of community engagement and community impact programs across the organization. He will also focus on building Singleton Construction’s diverse subcontractor base in support of the company’s growth in national remodel programs and ground-up construction.

Prior to joining Singleton Construction, Brandon was the Project Manager for the National Center for Urban Solutions where he worked to grow, educate, and solicit grant funding for the Construction Pre-Apprenticeship program. Brandon also has experience managing engagement and inclusion programs as well as developing workforce program strategies with various public and private organizations seeking candidates for employment.

Brandon is a United State Army Reserve Soldier and holds a master’s degree in public administration from Franklin University and a Bachelor of Applied Science from Wilberforce University.

As a second generation, certified majority woman-owned and operated business, Singleton Construction is known for the dedication and competency of its team, especially the workforce on jobsites. Singleton’s culture is also known as one that appreciates the work our employees do and their talents, as well as what they are involved in outside of daily work activities. For that reason, Singleton has been able to maintain a reliable and steady workforce, as well as partnerships with our subcontractors across the country. This has proved to be invaluable for the growing number of national clients Singleton serves.  In instances where the labor pool doesn’t exist or is lacking, Singleton can call upon our workforce, subcontractors, and trade partners in other markets and provide a competent and competitive workforce for construction opportunities.

“Outside of the Singleton team, we want to make sure that we are building relationships that spark growth and opportunities for the communities that we work in,” said Doczy-Delong. “It is important to give back and to help others. We have been fortunate to experience the growth that we have, and we want to make sure that we pay that forward while continuing to grow the construction industry.”