Our focus is rebuilding great spaces. We’ve created a culture of communication and our entire organization and subcontractor base are trained to work safely, effectively, and efficiently in an open-store environment. This, coupled with our national reach, strong financials, 100% qualification track record, and expertise in small and large-scale projects, makes Singleton the preferred choice for open-store remodels, special projects, multi-site programs, and tenant improvement construction projects.


There is a low disruption to business, with an open-store remodel. Having dedicated, friendly, and knowledgeable travel teams, our customers know they can trust us to deliver excellence while focusing on the customer experience.

Our remodels range from full store remodels with a 6 month duration to special projects that are a 4 day duration.


Our Multi-site programs are short, high-volume projects; with similar scope of work replicated across many facilities. Our dedicated travel teams are familiar with the scope of work allowing for successfully completed projects within a few days.


Tenant Improvements are stores going into existing spaces. Whether the remodel is white box spaces – completing final graphics and fixturing or full store remodel – demolition of space and building a new store, our customers know we will deliver excellence.