Open Store Remodels

Singleton is a 22-year old remodel company and open store remodels have always been a large part of our business. Our projects range from a full store remodel of a large grocery store, over a 6-month duration; where we are touching everything in the store from refrigeration, cash wraps, flooring, and restrooms, you name it. To a small 4-day remodel project; like the program we do for a client, where we start six remodels projects on Monday morning and complete them by Thursday.

Multi Site

Another type of project we do, is multi-site. These projects are short, high-volume projects; with similar scope of work replicated across many facilities. Singleton has completed hundreds of these projects. For example, in 2016, we did 120 ceiling tile replacement projects, using a 6-person crew that started on Monday night and finished on Thursday morning and then that team migrated to the next project that was to start the following week.


Tenant Fit Outs

Tenant fit-outs are stores going into existing spaces. For one client, with their white box spaces, we are completing the final graphics and fixturing. Singleton, for another client, will do a full store remodel, gutting the facility and building them a new store. We have completed tenant fit-outs for our clients Dollar General, Dollar Tree, TJX Companies, Tractor Supply Company, and Walgreens.