Our focus is rebuilding great spaces. We’ve created a culture of communication and our entire organization and subcontractor base are trained to work safely, effectively, and efficiently in an open-store environment. This, coupled with our national reach, strong financials, 100% qualification track record, and expertise in small and large-scale projects, makes Singleton the preferred choice for open-store remodels, special projects, multi-site programs, and tenant improvement construction projects.



Our long-term customers know we are experts in remodeling, whether the store is opened or closed, schedule is day or night, or if it is full store remodel or small project refresh. We have been remodeling top brands in the industry, for over 25 years. our teams work safely, efficiently, and cleanly to ensure there is a low disruption to business.

Multi-Site Roll-outs

Our customers know we will seamlessly manage all components of the programs. With over 90% of our projects being multi-site programs, our traveling team members are dedicated to strategically and efficiently managing all aspects of the programs. We understand the complexity of communicating the projects’ progress, therefore we have created a standard communication process customizable to meet your needs.


Tenant Improvements

Owners, landlords, and developers appreciate how closely we work with them to transform existing spaces. Having National accounts of material suppliers allows us to provide the needed materials quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.  Our large network of trained superintendents and field crews are dedicated to meet your needs on a flexible schedule while creating solutions for your unique environment.

Special Projects

Companies are facing various challenges with the growing safety requirements, needed ADA compliance upgrades, and general maintenance. Our experienced traveling teams are committed to creating, managing, and successfully completing your projects by integrating innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Program Management

Each phase of our Program Management process embraces lean methodology which ensures elimination of wastes and provides exceptional value to you while facilitating continuous improvement throughout our organization. This innovative process begins at the bidding phase and continues through the final invoice. Our lean tools incorporate technology while eliminating waste and streamline the construction process to improve communication and efficiencies. With these tools, our stringent safety program, and vetting process, we are committed to high level standards to achieve operational excellence.