Our Safety

Our Commitment to Safety

Singleton Construction is built on a set of guiding principles that go beyond construction – they shape the very essence of who we are. We live an extraordinary example of care in all that we do, improving every experience, every day, for the people we work with. Building positive and long-term relationships is a focal point for everyone here at Singleton. We know trust is paramount, so we strive to deliver on all our promises. Excellence isn’t just a goal for us, it’s a constant pursuit. Our culture is one of accountability, moving heaven and earth to honor our work, and our word, to meet all commitments. Safety is not just practice – it’s a promise we keep.

"Tomorrow: Your reward for working safely today."

Our commitment to safety across all areas of the company is brought to life with this simple number, our EMR Rate. The Experience Modifier Rates (EMR) we achieve year over year are consistently lower than the established 1.0 industry standard. A lower EMR Rate indicates improved safety performance, reduced workplace accidents, and lower workers’ compensation costs. Our lower than industry standard numbers are direct indicators that highlight increased happiness and financial stability for both the organization and our teams.
Our EMR Ratings
MI - 0.
OH - 0.
National - 0.

At Singleton Construction LLC, our commitment to safety is interwoven with our pursuit of excellence

A man in a hard hat standing next to water bottles in a store.
A worker is painting a sign at a walmart store.

Together, we embark on a collective journey, dedicated to creating a brighter world.

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