Why Diversity Matters

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

At Singleton Construction LLC, diversity, equity, and inclusion aren’t just words – they’re built into the foundation of our culture and operations. As a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), we take pride in our unique position and put a focus on diversity.

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

Our guiding principles lead the way, driving us to live an extraordinary example of care in all that we do. We believe in improving every experience, every day, for the people with work with. This starts with fostering an environment that celebrates diversity. We value people above all else. Our commitment is focus on creating a better workplace, one where everyone feels heard, respected and empowered.

Strategic Partnerships for Inclusive Success

As a national construction company specializing in large and small retail building/remodeling projects for diverse sectors, we collaborate with influential complimentary service providers. This includes, but is not limited to, program managers, design teams, and specialty contractors. These collaborations not only enhance the quality of our projects, but also contribute to a more inclusive industry.

Diversity in Action

Our leadership includes seasoned executives with decades of experience, ensuring a wealth of perspectives at the decision-making table. Our teams reflect our commitment to a diverse and skilled talent pool. We actively support Workforce Development and DEI initiatives, ensuring that every individual can thrive within our organization.

Transparent Communication for Inclusive Collaboration

Transparent communication is key to our success. We understand that a diverse and inclusive workplace fosters collaboration, creativity, and better project outcomes. By embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion, Singleton Construction not only meets the highest construction standards, but also has created a workplace that reflects the richness of the world we build together.

In your construction journey towards excellence, partner with Singleton – where diversity isn’t just a goal; it’s an integral part of our commitment to care, respect, and excellence.

A man in a hard hat standing next to water bottles in a store.
A worker is painting a sign at a walmart store.

Together, we embark on a collective journey, dedicated to creating a brighter world.

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