Our Story

2013 - 2021
It all began in 1995 when Nancy Doczy, a talented traveling superintendent exclusively working on Walmart remodels, joined forces with Chris Singleton to co-found Singleton Construction. Together, they embarked on a journey to create something extraordinary.
Fast forward to 2006, when Nancy’s daughter, Denise Doczy-DeLong, decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps by becoming the owner of Singleton Construction. Denise, after a successful career in corporate America, joined the company as its first employee. Alongside a small but dedicated team, Denise managed to handle seven jobs her first year, generating several million dollars in revenue. Over the years, Denise’s visionary leadership has led Singleton Construction to incredible growth and diversification. The company expanded its services to cater to different industries and clients across almost 40 states.
Embracing the spirit of familial legacy, in 2013 and 2021 respectively, Denise’s sons, Adam and Devin, joined the ranks of Singleton Construction, making it a third-generation family business. Together, they have applied their unique talents and perspectives to further enhance the company’s reputation.
Throughout the years, Singleton Construction has prioritized the culture of community and teamwork. This commitment to fostering a passionate and dedicated team has been the driving force behind their success. With each passing day, Singleton Construction continues to grow, upholding its legacy of excellence and spreading its unwavering passion for construction and community. Year after year, Singleton Construction’s portfolio has flourished, completing over 8,000 jobs and an impressive revenue nearly nine times higher than when Denise first took charge.

Our Manifesto

A group of people standing around boxes in a warehouse.

Singleton Construction was founded on deep care for clients and employees. That care drove high-quality work, inspiring our founders to do whatever it took to get the job done right. Care turned employees into family, building deep bonds. Care turned customers into partners and projects into long-term relationships. This, in turn, drove the exponential growth we’ve achieved and remains at the heart of who we are.

The same purpose that motivated our founders drives us today. We exist to live an extraordinary example of care in all we do. This inspires the way we serve our clients, partners, and team. We care more … more about exceeding client expectations, creating great experiences for their customers, and ensuring that our partners – and our team – grow. Each action we take reflects this purpose. Every decision is based on it.

Living extraordinary care means improving every experience, every day for the people we work with. Our core values serve as our guide.

We build trust with honesty, transparency, and open communication. We create partnerships. We’re accountable and honor our commitments. Our word is our bond. We value people. Protecting, cultivating, and seeing the best in all. Every project or interaction creates opportunity and understanding. We deliver excellence in every experience always providing solutions, not problems, and setting the highest expectations as the only measure for success.

But there is always an opportunity to be better, do better. We strive for more. It’s the Singleton Way.

Each moment in this life gives us the freedom to choose the world we want to see. Every action, every decision – big or small – has a positive impact, or a negative one. Care inspires care. Compassion creates compassion. Meaning attracts meaning. At Singleton, we are committed to improving every experience, every day, so we can live the extraordinary example of care we want to see in the world. By living it, we create it for ourselves and inspire others to follow.

A man standing in front of boxes in a construction area.

When we achieve this, we do more than build great spaces,
we create a brighter world.

A man in a hard hat standing next to water bottles in a store.
A worker is painting a sign at a walmart store.

Our Pledge

We are a culture of accountability, we move heaven and earth to honor our work and meet all commitments.